Monday, 9 January 2017

Artsy kind of morning with the kids

School holiday boredom and after loosing a pet today this two oldest girls wanted me to do some Art with them .Both girls decided that they wanted to make postcards and send them off to family and friends . Their choice of medium was oil pastels .

Miss c who is 11 made these 4 girls . Miss C insisted that I pick a favourite .Telling her I love them all just wasn't good enough . my favourite would have to be the girl with blue hair .She has a lot of attitude .

Miss G who is 9 stresses every time she does art . She's very much a book worm .Today she decided she wanted to do something creative { which is not very often } With help from both myself and her sister these are her girls below .
Again I was made to choose a favourite .Number 3 is my favourite because Miss G made her all by her self with no help ! I love her quirky lips .

I love how both girls signed their postcards ..It was a nice morning creating art .The girls got along and helped each other .Now they are back to bickering at each other .

                                                                    Happy Creating
                                                                          Lisa xoxo


Sue (this n that) said...

Hello Lee, my goodness, such beautiful and heartwarming art. I like that your girls turned to art in that sad time of having lost a pet.
They're all so individual and appealing in their own way.
Miss C's "Dream Big" girl with her head on a tilt, as though she's really thinking hard about something, is my favourite.
Miss G's No 3 girl also is my pick, her eyes just get to me and I also love her over the shoulder plait.
You all obviously love your art and it shows. Happy painting and cheerio for now :D)

Laney said...

I love all of these girls and I am glad I don't have to choose a favorite! How fun that your girls wanted to do art. And they did such a great job!